Recall Campaign 110 Technician Service Tips

Technical Service Bulletin # 13-01-021-1 directs technicians performing Recall Campaign 110 to:

“Verify that the rear brake lamps operate normally when applying the brake pedal.”

This can easily be accomplished if you back into the service bay with your brake lamps facing a wall. The condition of the lamps can be assessed using the reflections they make on the wall closest to the service bay.

Also, when installing the replacement switch, note that the two flanged nuts are not identical. The inside nut (E) (closer to the stop lamp switch body) has a small lip that protrudes out from the flange. This lip will fit inside the mounting bracket to securely locate the switch’s position.

Make sure nut E is placed closer to the switch body, and that nut F is placed farther. The nuts are not interchangeable. Be sure that the flanges are faced towards each other, not away from each other or facing the same direction.

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