Hyundai Car Care Parts: Best Practices!

Hyundai Motor America recently launched a second line of brake pads and rotors to offer a competitively-priced alternative that will assist dealers in competing with the aftermarket and help keep Hyundai owners returning for service as their vehicles age. 

Prior to the national rollout of the Car Care Parts line, a small group of dealers were asked to test pilot the program.  Hyundai of Greensburg (PA080), a Car Care Express Dealer, was one of the first to sell a Car Care Part - selling the first pair of front rotors for 2001 – 2006 Santa Fe. Great job!

After the national rollout, Fairfax Hyundai (VA006), also a Car Care Express Dealer, embraced the product line, created a game plan and accounted for an impressive 39% of the total Car Care Parts sold as of 7/13/2013. Outstanding!

To learn how the dealers accomplished this feat, Tony Tisone and Rommel Lujan at Hyundai of Greensburg (PA080) and Kim Bush at Fairfax Hyundai (VA006) answered the question - “How did you do that?” 

  • Tony and Rommel’s approach is simple and Tony said it best: “The only way to make money is by selling service and parts”, so “utilize your express service team, which allows you to see a greater volume of vehicles in the shop.  By taking this approach, your flat rate technicians can inspect the vehicles alongside the express team, which leads to upselling opportunities.” They followed up with: “Maintenance services are the future of the automotive business, and an express lane in your shop is the key that opens the door to this fresh revenue stream.” This is a smart pairing of two solid offerings.
  • Kim Bush took a different approach that has been equally as effective as Hyundai of Greensburg.  The tool that Kim uses the most is Hyundai’s Owner Marketing (HOM) bulk email blasts.  He’s able to reach out to several customers with one click of the mouse.  Kim also mentioned that he offers “brake pads for a lifetime” to owners of the vehicle.  The only cost to the customer is the labor fee.

Two very different methods of promoting the Hyundai Car Care Parts Program and both are highly effective!

For additional information regarding the Car Care Express Program please contact your DPSM or PBDM.

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